A general life update to kind of explain what I’m up to. So, last week I sold at a convention… my first furry convention ever! While I was there, I tried “officially” opening commissions. Had cute little price sheets and everything! I wasn’t sure what would come of it.

Well, I was mobbed by people and filled up on more commissions than I felt comfortable handling within the first HOUR. If I had taken on all the commissions people wanted from me, I would have easily made as much as I make in a whole month at my job. I was shocked.

So right now I’m working through those, seeing how quickly I can get them out without sacrificing quality. Right now, the bottleneck is mental energy… it’s hard to work for 8 hours and then come home and work even more. But I’m so excited at the possibilities. For the first time in a long time, I seriously think I could make a living off my drawings alone. I don’t want to take the leap just yet… but it is incredible to imagine and makes me want to work doubly hard to prove I can make it.

We’ll see what the future brings!