Hello! My name is Witticaster and this is my personal website, where I archive my drawings and show off all the stuff I get up to.

I do illustration and web development professionally. In my free time, I like to bang away at my various side projects, develop fantasy world concepts, take care of animals, study nutrition and psychology, and play video games if there’s any time left over.

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Alterity – My “Nuzlocke” Pokemon fan comic. A large ongoing project with tons of lore!
Witty Critters – My original art store, mostly featuring adorable animals.

Old Projects:
Aeoptera – A DA paid adoptables project. I’d love to come back to it if I ever have time.
Fat Little Fish and The Bubble Nest – my fishkeeping escapades and betta rehab project. I still keep fish, I just don’t update about them online.
A Series of Cats – my first online comic: a collaborative gag-a-day strip about cats and technology.
Maneki Neko (archive) – A Gaia Online “growing/breedable pet” project. Growing and breedable pets were a huge and eccentric subculture back in the day. I was very proud of my shop and the lore I created around them!
The Chronicles – I spent a lot of time on Neopets and it shows in their detailed stories and petpages.
Mew’s Hangout – I made this Pokemon fan site at around age 10. Over the years, it expanded into a behemoth that featured forums, drawing boards, and tons of resources.


  • Current location: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
  • Art Tools: Paint Tool SAI (main), Photoshop (SFX), Wacom Intuos4, these brushes, blood, sweat, tears
  • Favorite colors: peach, white, soft warm pastels
  • Favorite foods: steak, curry, seafood (MEAT)
  • Current pets: 1 Australian Shepherd, 9 chickens (all different breeds), a bunch of freshwater shrimp
  • Other creative interests: writing, origami, costuming, plush making, sculpting
  • Non-artsy interests: web dev, game dev, psychology, nutrition, fishkeeping

You can call me Witti, Mew, or whatever else floats your boat. Witticaster is my actual online “name”… it is a real-life word that describes someone who tries to be witty but isn’t good at it. Unfortunately it’s often taken as a username, so instead I brand my stuff under the username “Mewitti” (combo of my current name + my old handle “Mewkitty”).

The winged mouse you see all over the place is a mascot I use to represent myself online. She’s an animal representation of my personality… a strange little critter that is hard to categorize but still kinda endearing. See more pictures of her here!

Fursona reference

Past Selves

I grew up back when the Internet was still the Wild West and kids were told to never, ever share their real names or photos online. So instead, I picked creative usernames and made up cute character designs to represent myself to my Internet friends. It was fun, so I never stopped! I’ve never thought I was actually a Pokemon or a hedgehog at heart (I only learned about the concept of furries and fursonas after I went off to college)… it’s just an entertaining and more eye-catching way to represent myself online compared to pasting my boring human face everywhere.


My very first online username was just my favorite Pokemon + my favorite animal. I represented myself as a Mew based on old official art.


Same username, new look. Branched out into an “original” cat-bird design (still pretty Mew-like). I eventually returned to this design way, way later in life.

Danke Kitten

Started off fresh under a new username after I went to college. Danke was a conniving, somewhat edgy nekomata who always had her own agenda.


Rebranded into a tiny hedgehog as I became too depressed to identify with a confident scheming cat. She reflected how I felt small and unapproachable.