Nostalgia Time: ASOC

Someone reached out to me earlier asking about a webcomic project I worked on back in 2011. It was the first webcomic I ever worked on seriously, called A Series of Cats. I did the art and website, a friend did the scriptwriting and marketing. It sadly fell victim to one of my many mental breakdowns back then and is no longer online, which is a huge shame. I wish I could have done it justice, and I wish my partner could have had a better artist. Even though it’s old and sloppy and there are 1,000 things I’d do differently with it now, it’s still dear to my heart and taught me a lot.

I figured it would be worth it to share just for the nostalgia factor. So I uploaded the comic pages, as well as a ton of WIPs, references, doodles, and other things for you to browse. A neat little look into the backend of a webcomic + my sense of humor back when I was a teenager.

Click below to view the goodies:

A Series of Cats – Old Files