Terraria project: World Turtle

Instead of working on comic this weekend, my boyfriend and I spent 37 hours on a brand-new Terraria game file with brand-new characters, getting back into the game in preparation for the upcoming major update. This world-turtle house was one of our many creations.

Cool features:

  • The ocean biome has a jellyfish spawner hooked up to a timer so it’s constantly full of cute jellies.
  • Far right upper biome has 49 meteorite placed, and a chest containing 1 meteorite for easy meteor biome creation.
  • Turtle’s eye is Demonite so it glows at night.
  • The house is kind of empty right now but we’ll fill it up eventually.

I haven’t allowed myself do all-out, 12-hour-stretches gaming like this for at least a year and it felt good.