Endtown Halloween Fun

Today I decided to make my bedroom window super spoopy to celebrate Halloween! I was inspired by the ’dittos’ from the webcomic Endtown.

Step 1: Get cheap craft paint ‘n brushes. I added dish soap to the paint to make it easier to wipe off later.

Step 2: Make sure you have adult supervision.

Step 3: Outlines! I traced around a cup and a bowl to make the eyes.

Step 4: Get high on paint fumes while filling everything in. Looks a bit like abstract art at this point.

Step 5: Now we’re getting scary.

Step 6: Add the eyes and put on a second coat of paint. The mouth on the lower left still hasn’t had a second coat, for comparison.

Step 7: Resolve to take a long shower afterwards.

It only looks mildly unsettling during the daytime, but at night with the light shining out… nightmare fuel! I’m so happy with it, hahaha.