Been drawing nearly every day for several weeks now… it is a strange feeling after several years of barely drawing at all.

Whenever I sit down to do a drawing session, I get a visceral jolt of distaste as my mind realizes I’m taking it away from an evening of cat memes and video games and I have to sit there and fight all the tantrums it throws to try and funnel me down the easy route… “Oh, suddenly I’m tired! Oh, look, I’m unmotivated! Such a shame… better go goof off all evening!” I spend a while regretting I ever picked up a pencil. But after a while of drawing I remember why I like it so much.

I think one of the keys to developing a skill is understanding that we, as human beings, are designed to be as low-effort as possible. Some degree of mental pushback is always going to happen. We’re going against our instincts, for a good cause.