Commission Terms of Service

These Terms of Service only apply to non-commercial use and work. If you would like to commission a piece for commercial use (i.e. you want to make real cash dollars using it), please contact me for details.

By ordering a commission, you agree to the following terms:


  • The prices on my price sheets are estimates only. To get a real quote, contact me or fill out my commission form. I will give you a final quote and a time estimate.
    • Quote prices are valid for 3 months unless stated otherwise.
    • Time estimates are NOT guaranteed. Stuff happens and I’m bad at scheduling.
  • I will draw trademarked characters (Pokemon, etc).
  • I will not draw sexualized, fetish-oriented, political, religious, hateful, or otherwise controversial content.
    • If you’re not certain whether an idea is ok, please ask! The worst that can happen is I say no.
  • I reserve the right to reject a commission request without any explanation. Please don’t take it personally.

Pricing & Payment

  • All payments will be handled through PayPal invoice in USD.
  • I will start work only after your initial quote is paid in full.
    • Commissions over $100 can be paid in multiple installments. Just ask! In these cases, I will start work after 50% of the initial quote price has been paid.
  • If you do not pay your invoice within 10 days of receipt, I will bump you down in the queue and any time estimates I gave you will be invalidated.
  • I will only deliver your final commission files after full payment of your initial quote and any revision fees.

Creation & Revision

  • Unless stated otherwise, you will get at least 1 rough sketch to approve or request revisions on. Revisions at the rough sketch/rough color stage are free!
    • Don’t be afraid to be “picky!” I want you to be happy with your art!
  • If you request out-of-scope revisions (like you decide to want to add entire extra characters, or request a bunch of complete redraws), I may present you with a new quote to cover the additional labor. You must pay this new quote before commission work will continue.
  • If you end up needing any small revisions (eye color, name on ref, etc) after the commission is done, I should be able to do it for free or cheap. Please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.


  • Both you and I may cancel your commission at any time, for any reason.
  • Please contact me if you need a refund. Do not chargeback through Paypal.
  • If I haven’t started work on your commission when it is canceled, I’ll give you a full refund. If I’ve already started work, I’ll give you a partial refund, deducting the value of the time already spent. I may also give you half-finished art at my discretion (no guarantees).
  • If we agree on a deadline and I don’t get the commission done in time, I will refund any rush fees but will not refund anything else.

Copyright & Sales

  • You agree not to sell your commission to third parties, profit from reproduction of the commission, use it in commercial marketing, or otherwise make money off it without my express written permission, even if you heavily edit the commission. This includes charity fundraising. 
    • It is fine to “sell” your commission for nonmonetary compensation (bumps, hugs, etc) or closed virtual currency (dA points, Gaia Gold, or other things that cannot be converted back into real money)
  • If you are transferring ownership of a character to someone else, and are giving the new owner a piece you commissioned from me, please direct the new owner to my TOS so they can be aware of what not to do with it.
  • I do not claim any rights to characters or other intellectual properties drawn in a commission. You retain rights to your characters when I draw them, but you are not granted rights to the drawing itself.
  • My commissions are not “work for hire” and I retain all rights to the created work, including the right to post it on my website portfolio/social media at my discretion.


  • You may freely display your commission online and offline for noncommercial purposes.
    • Please credit “Mewitti” or link to when posting your commission. I appreciate it!
  • Edit away! You can make icons, banners, and wallpapers for yourself. You may crop, filter, draw on, type on, and resize your commission, you can clean up rough sketches and color lineart, and you can alter and color adoptable template commissions (recolors, lineart edits, certing, etc).
    • However, you may NOT profit from any of these edits, no matter how much you edit it.
  • You can make PERSONAL prints/shirts/stickers etc from the commission files, for your own use or as gifts. But you may not sell them. (Are you sensing a theme here?)
  • Please leave me and my artwork out of your adult-oriented, religious, political, or social causes and try not to use your commissioned work in ways that could tarnish my reputation. I do not want to be roped into anyone else’s agenda and I try to be an agreeable and uncontroversial person. Please help me stay that way.

By commissioning me, you agree to the Terms of Service listed above.

These Terms of Service are subject to change. Changes are not retroactive and do not affect commissions started before the change was made.