Controversy Corner

This page is a list of potential red flags about me, to help you judge whether I’m a person you want to support or not. Before getting personally or financially entangled with me, please make sure you’re willing to tolerate the following:

  • I (usually) lean left/progressive in politics and I do political activism for leftist groups.
  • I’m an agnostic atheist and openly criticize religion and alternative medicine.
  • I interact heavily with the furry fandom. I don’t participate in the adult side of this fandom, but the people I associate with may not be quite so prudish.
  • I eat meat.
  • My partner is polyamorous and I would be too if I ever bothered. I generally keep my adult business offline so it’s not super relevant, but hey, transparency is important.
  • I draw a comic which contains swear words and violence.
  • I’m a former member of the Mormon/LDS church. For the first 20 years of my life I was part of it and supported it. I have done a 180 since then, but that doesn’t erase my past actions.
  • I generally don’t promote politics or causes on my art accounts. If you are part of the “silence is violence!” crowd, I will earn your ire.
  • I don’t have the time or desire to run a scandal check on every person I sell merchandise to, draw artwork for, reblog from, or talk to. I’m also generally very chill about people who have “problematic” opinions and like to debate them rather than instablocking them. If you’re big into purity culture, it might be safest to avoid me.

I have no desire to get into big debates about any of these. In practice, I get along just fine with a huge range of people who disagree with me on important issues. I always try to be understanding and respectful. I hope I am tolerable to you!